Midwest FurFest 2018, an interaction with the next generation

As I sit at Chicago Midway airport on this snowy Monday morning waiting for my flight home from Midwest FurFest (MFF) 2018, I thought I would put some thoughts together on this past weekend. It was a whirlwind, but I had so much fun and I was so glad I went. Continue reading “Midwest FurFest 2018, an interaction with the next generation”


Back in June 2017, I was going through a pivotal, stressful, and uncertain time in my life. I had also just so happened to have opened a new Costco sized bottle of 500 daily multivitamins (stick with me here). In midst of all of this turmoil, I distinctly remember, “I wonder where I will be when this bottle is finally empty…some 500 days from now.” Continue reading “Multivitamins”

Finding help through therapy

My last blog post was over six months ago (holy crap where did the time go?). In that post I shared about my loss of sleep and the pool of stress I found myself swimming in because of my sexuality realization. I’d had enough. I tried to push through this and figure this out all on my own, but I had finally reached a point where I needed professional help. I needed help to work through all of this…confusion. Without going into too many details about my sexuality struggles, this post outlines how I went about finding some professional help through therapy.

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Struggles with sexuality

To say it’s been an interesting past few years would be an understatement. When I came out to my wife about my ABDL side, I thought that would be the most difficult conversation I would ever have with her. Fast forward a couple years, here I am with another major realization to share, “Honey, I think I’m bisexual…” Why is this change in sexuality surfacing now? This is disorienting and a lot to process. However, before I share these feelings with my wife, I need further self-reflection. Continue reading “Struggles with sexuality”

Unexpected Little Triggers

Unexpected triggers…

In my finding my identity post, I talked about little space. For me, little space is that “ewwy gooey” state where time seems to slow way down and I am fully regressed into my babyboy state-of-mind. This doesn’t happen frequently, so when it does happen I try to enjoy it the best I can.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to get into little space. Other times it’s not. For example, my wife and some of my close little friends know that if you just tell me “good boy” or “be a good boy” in the right situation, I will instantly melt. Continue reading “Unexpected Little Triggers”

Finding my identity as an adult babyboy

Finding my identity

Within the kink community you have probably come across several identity or role terms like: ABDL, ageplayer, babyboy, babygirl, big, little, middle, brat, puppy, dominate, submissive, switch, babyfur and likely others. These might seem a little overwhelming as you try to find your own identity; they were for me. As I’ve started to meet others, I’ve also realized that these terms can mean different things to different people.

In this post I thought it may be helpful to share with you a little bit about how I found my identity.

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Unexpected Reminders

Even though I have made amazing strides towards accepting my ABDL-self the past few years, I still occasionally struggle with self-doubt. As such, I am grateful for reminders to accept myself and others for who they really are. Sometimes these reminders come out-of-the-blue. Continue reading “Unexpected Reminders”

How to grow a zoo – of stuffed animals

How to grow a zoo – of stuffed animals

Our Stuffed Animal Zoo
Our Stuffed Animal Zoo

Always loved stuffed animals, but didn’t think you could have your own as an adult? We explain why we have stuffed animals and three steps we used to build our own stuffed animal zoo. Continue reading “How to grow a zoo – of stuffed animals”

How I Got My Nickname, BelovedRex

BelovedRex: What’s in a name?

Mr. D helping with a diaper selection

Rex is not my given name but a nickname I go by in the kink and ABDL community. My username is BelovedRex. Once people learn Rex is a nickname, their next question is usually related to how I got said nickname.

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