Midwest FurFest 2018, an interaction with the next generation

As I sit at Chicago Midway airport on this snowy Monday morning waiting for my flight home from Midwest FurFest (MFF) 2018, I thought I would put some thoughts together on this past weekend. It was a whirlwind, but I had so much fun and I was so glad I went. Continue reading “Midwest FurFest 2018, an interaction with the next generation”

The Burn of Stereotypes

First off, it takes quite a bit to get me mad or upset at someone. If I do get mad, I usually just move on and in a day or so, it’s forgotten. For the most part, I try to understand that people make mistakes and sometimes have bad days, I also try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I do so because I would hope others would extend me that same understanding when I have an off day. Maybe it was the fact that I was a little tired from being up early that day, but the other night I got so upset I physically left a conversation taking place at my own house. Topic? Furry fandom. Continue reading “The Burn of Stereotypes”