About Me


Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Rex (BelovedRex). I am an ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover), ageplayer, little, babyboy (phew, that’s a lot). Until recently, I was happily married for over 14 years and yes, she knew. However, due to me ultimately figuring out I’m gay (long story) we divorced so we could both live authentic lives. She’s still one of my closest friends. My ABDL side comes out when it can, but my family is first. I usually flip to my little side at bedtime, when home alone or when I am around other ageplayers.

For years, I thought of myself as mostly a Diaper Lover (DL), but as I came to accept my DL side, I realized I had more an Adult Baby (AB) side than I previously thought. I got my first onesie and pacifier in 2014, and have been enjoying them very much ever since. I now have some other AB clothing and toys and I feel the most comfortable as an AB or Adult Baby; at least for now.

My little is pretty shy but also friendly and well behaved. My little is probably between age 1-3 depending on my headspace. ABDL and ageplay is a comforting retreat from my high paced job but lately I have come to realize – and mostly accept – my little is really part of the core of who I am as a person.

Deep inside I have a toddler that desperately wants to come out and play.

I have recently been more active in the local ageplay scene. I have made some amazing friends both here and from all over the world. In early 2015, I went to my first CAPCon and made some amazing friends! If I can pull myself out of my introverted shell, I really enjoy meeting and talking with others with similar interests (kink or otherwise).

Some of my non-kink related interests include: running, snow skiing, mountain biking and aviation (I’m an instrument rated, private pilot). I also have a bartending certification and occasionally do some voice talent work on the side.

I encourage dialog and participation on the site. Please keep it respectful. In addition to leaving comments, you can use the Contact Rex page to send me an email. Have a look around! Welcome!