How I Got My Nickname, BelovedRex

BelovedRex: What’s in a name?

Mr. D helping with a diaper selection

Rex is not my given name but a nickname I go by in the kink and ABDL community. My username is BelovedRex. Once people learn Rex is a nickname, their next question is usually related to how I got said nickname.

Finding a name that I felt suited me took some serious thought. I had used other nicknames before, but I wanted something new. Something my wife could now be involved in determining, since she probably knows me best.

We brainstormed a lot of ideas.

In the end, the name I settled on was from two words, both of which she proposed, Beloved and Rex.

Beloved was a word that she used to describe me after I opened up about my ABDL side to her.

beloved – : very much loved : dearly loved

Like the definition, she said I was still dearly loved and cherished even after I told her about my ABDL side.

As for Rex, it comes from the dinosaur character in the movie Toy StoryMy wife said I was acting all nervous and kind of awkward like him when I was trying to get the words out to tell her about my ABDL side. If you’re not familiar with Rex in Toy Story, here is his character biography from a couple of different sources:

Rex is an excitable large, green, plastic Tyrannosaurus rex. Rex suffers from anxiety, an inferiority complex and the concern that he is not scary enough. Rex’s worst fear is that Andy will get another, scarier dinosaur. Although Rex is a toy dinosaur he dislikes confrontation and is sensitive in nature. Rex always comes through for his pals. [1][2]

After some reflection, I decided Rex fit me pretty well. Just like Rex in the movie, I also thought that my wife might want another scarier (read: traditional) dinosaur (read: husband) to replace me too…

BelovedRex stuck. You can just call me Rex. 🙂

BelovedRex is a new beginning. A new nickname. One that my wife helped form. One that I felt comfortable going out into the kink and ABDL community and meeting others with. One that, for the first time in three decades, involved the input of a vanilla. Not just any vanilla. My best friend in life, my wife.

So how did you get your nickname? I’d love to hear you story below or privately via the Contact Rex page.

Hugs & crinkles,

Rex (BelovedRex)


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Author: BelovedRex

Rex has had an affinity for diapers as far back as he can remember. After struggling with self acceptance for decades he finally opened up to his wife about being a lifelong Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL). Deep inside he has a toddler that desperately wants to come out and play. Rex currently helps coordinate the The Kansas City Ageplay/Petplay Munch and other ageplay events in and around Kansas City. You can read more about Rex on the About Me page.

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