Back in June 2017, I was going through a pivotal, stressful, and uncertain time in my life. I had also just so happened to have opened a new Costco sized bottle of 500 daily multivitamins (stick with me here). In midst of all of this turmoil, I distinctly remember, “I wonder where I will be when this bottle is finally empty…some 500 days from now.”

Fast forward to present day. I took the last vitamin in that bottle and I remember thinking back to that moment about 500 days ago. Back then I wasn’t sure where I’d be, physically or emotionally, but I took each day one at a time.

So here I am, some 500 days later…In those 500 days, I’ve:

  1. Filed and finalized a divorce from my closest and best friend in the world
  2. Sold the beautiful house we had put a lot of work into
  3. Moved twice. Three times if you count item 4
  4. Watched my family move away to reset and be closer to other family
  5. Experienced a level of sexual intimacy with another man, I never knew I could possibly feel. It is clear now, this is who I am and how I was born
  6. Became more accepting of myself including my sexuality and my other kinks
  7. Reconnected with old friends, made a few new ones, but lost a few too

Not all of these are positive but not all of these are negative either. That’s life I guess. Life changes. I’m not sure what is next but I’m happy. I’ve been truthful and authentic to myself, others, and I’ve never felt or given more love or event felt hurt or pain more than I have in the last 500 days.

As I open the next bottle of daily multivitamins, I look forward to the next 500 days…one day at a time.

Author: BelovedRex

Rex has had an affinity for diapers as far back as he can remember. After struggling with self acceptance for decades he finally opened up to his wife about being a lifelong Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL). Deep inside he has a toddler that desperately wants to come out and play. Rex currently helps coordinate the The Kansas City Ageplay/Petplay Munch and other ageplay events in and around Kansas City. You can read more about Rex on the About Me page.

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