The Great ABDL Diaper Baseball Bet

Over the past year or so, I have been trying to deepen some of my ABDL friendships. As an introvert, I have a relatively small inner circle of friends. The past few months, I have really come to appreciate my ABDL friends more than ever!

I usually message with a couple of my ABDL friends a couple times per day. One day, I was texting with, DLDex. As we were texting, I realized that the Boston Red Sox were coming to town to play the World Champion Royals in a 3-game series. Knowing that Dex was also a baseball fan, I made a half-joking comment that we should make a friendly, diaper based, wager on the series. We ran with it.

We settled on that we would each custom decorate a Bambino Bianco diaper with the winning team’s logos.

This way we each got a diaper out of the deal regardless of the outcome.

Well the Royals won the series 2-1. I told Dex this should become an annual affair. I’m not sure he’s fully on board, yet, but we had a lot of fun with this.

Here are the results of the diaper designs:

BelovedRex's design of Boston vs. Kansas City.
BelovedRex’s diaper design of Boston vs. Kansas City.
DLDex’s front panel
DLDex’s rear panel

Dex, thanks for being a good sport. I had a lot of fun! I can’t wait until next year… 🙂

Hugs & crinkles,

Rex (BelovedRex)

Author: BelovedRex

Rex has had an affinity for diapers as far back as he can remember. After struggling with self acceptance for decades he finally opened up to his wife about being a lifelong Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL). Deep inside he has a toddler that desperately wants to come out and play. Rex currently helps coordinate the The Kansas City Ageplay/Petplay Munch and other ageplay events in and around Kansas City. You can read more about Rex on the About Me page.

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